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Reduce the Cost of Bedding

Bedding and stall cleaning are some of most expensive and time consuming aspects of maintaining a barn. Many of our customers are reporting a 66% reduction in bedding and a 50% reduction in cleaning time by using SmartStall. Those are significant savings that can be invested in other parts of your barn or in your horses.

More Benefits

“She not only lays down, but stretches completely out on her side, with her head down and sleeps soundly… Her stall is now the talk of the barn…”

Karen and Arabel, NY

“Stall cleanup is now a breeze and my horses are waiting at the gate to come in when I get home…stall mats pay for themselves.”

Deb, Cobleskill, NY

"The mats have been great, my horse LOVES them. It has been so nice for him to have the additional padding as he had previously had a leg injury. It has also been great to clean. I use far less bedding in this stall compared with the other stalls I have had with traditional stall mats over dirt."

Addie, Holland, MI

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