Q: What does SmartStall cost?

See our product shop page for all pricing! All ordering can be easily and quickly online.

Q: How do I install my SmartStall System?

See our install guide here that walks you through the installation process step by step.

Q: Can I get a sample of the SmartStall System?

Absolutely, just request a sample here and we will send one in the mail.

Q: How is SmartStall shipped?

SmartStall is offered with FREE SHIPPING but it does have the come sent with the most cost effective method. SmartStall will either be shipped via UPS or tractor trailer with an appointment for the customer. 

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you are located outside of New York state you will not be charged sales tax. If you are within New York state sales tax will be applied. If you provide your sales tax exempt form within 30 days of your order through info@igkequestrian.com, the sales tax will be refunded.

Q: Why SmartStall and no another product offer?

SmartStall is the most affordable one-piece horse mattress system on the market. We out compete our competitors by over 70% and even sell replacement parts that don't cost you and arm in a leg. With industry matching warranties and durability, SmartStall is a no brainer for your next horse mattress system.

Q: What happens to the urine and manure in the stall?

The manure and urine stays on top of the SmartStall cover. SmartStall horse  mattress system is a very durable top cover that does not allow any liquid to seep through to the mattress. You can use less bedding in your stall, therefore saving on time and money. We recommend you only use enough bedding to soak up the urine, and to muck out your stall daily.

Q: What sort of cleaning products can I use on the SmartStall™ system?

Almost any cleaning products can be used on the SmartStall horse mattress system. We have gotten feedback that customers love to use power-washers inside the stall to deeply clean it, then follow with a mild bleach to de-sanitize the stall.

Q: Will the urine erode the top-cover?

NEVER! We have a very durable topcover that will not erode from anything sitting on top of the cover.

Q: How long will the SmartStall system last?

SmartStall is designed to meet all the durability needs for your horse stall, with our strong warranty program and quick/affordable replacement parts, you'll never have to worry about the long term cost of maintaining your horse stall mattress system again.

Q: What is the warranty for the SmartStall system?

See our 1-year SmartStall warranty here!